Egerton Street Baptist Church

Surname Index

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S? Miss Joan McClure1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Sache Miss P. Sache1919 Choir Address
SachseSachse (5 or more entries).Sachse
Sage Mr. Sage1907 News
Leslie Sage1921 Bondsmen
SaicheSaiche (5 or more entries).Saiche
Saische Mr. and Mrs. E. Saische1916 Membership Roll (PG04)
Sanders R. H. Sanders1921 Bondsmen
Mr. R. H. Sanders1954 History (P06)
Sanford Mr. Herbert Sanford1916 Membership Roll (PG04)
Saschse Mr. Paul Saschse1918 Calendar (Apr)
Sash Miss R. Sash1919 Choir member
SaundersSaunders (5 or more entries).
Saville Tom Saville1923 Calendar (Aug)
Tom Saville1924 Calendar (Feb)
Sawyer Mr. Sawyer1937 News
Scandrett Mrs. E. Scandrett1920 Calendar (Nov)
Mrs. E. Scandrett1920 Calendar (Nov)
Schleihauf Mrs. John Schleihauf1970 Membership Roll (A10-36)
Mr. John Schleihauf1970 Membership Roll (A11-01)
Schryrier Miss Toni Schryrier1970 Membership Roll (A08-13)
Miss Mary Schyrier1970 Membership Roll (A08-17)
Mrs. M. Schryrier1970 Membership Roll (A08-12)
Schutt Rev. C. H. Schutt1929 Calendar (Oct)
Rev. C.H. Schutt1929 Calendar (Oct)
ScottScott (5 or more entries).
Senior Mr. W.C. Senior1929 Calendar (Oct)
Seymour Miss Victoria Heron1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Sharon Sharon1948 Calendar (Dec)
Sharpe Miss B. Tanner1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
SharrattSharratt (5 or more entries).Sharratt
Shaw Miss Hazel Shaw1921 Calendar (Jan)
Freddie Shaw1925 Calendar (Jan)
Hazel Shaw1925 Calendar (May)
Freedie Shaw1925 Calendar (Feb)
Sheperd Robert Royal Sheperd1924 Calendar (Sept)
Shepherd Mrs. Shepherd1916 Membership Roll (PG04)
Rev. A. W. Shepherd1918 Calendar (June)
Shipley Mr. B. Shipley1960 News
Short Mrs. Tom Short1916 Membership Roll (PG05)
ShuteShute (5 or more entries).
Siach Mr. E. Siach1920 Calendar (Nov)
Siderius Miss Joan Jervis1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Siegrist Mrs. Chas. Siegrist1944 Mailing List
SilverSilver (5 or more entries).
Simmonds Mrs. G. Simmonds1944 Mailing List
Geo. Simmonds1960 News
Mr. G. Simmonds1964 Officers
Mr. George Simmonds1970 Membership Roll (A09-03)
Simmons Miss Ivy Simmons1948 Calendar (Jun)
G. Simmons1949 Calendar (Jan)
Simpson Mr. Aubrey Simpson1970 Membership Roll (A09-23)
SinclairSinclair (5 or more entries).
Singleton Eleanor Singleton1929 News
Sipley E. Sipley1950 News
B. B. Sipley1954 Officers
Skeats A Skeats1924 Calendar (May)
Skeetes Mr. Alfred Skeetes1916 Membership Roll (PG04)
Skipper Miss Marie Skipper1944 Mailing List
Miss Rose Skipper1944 Mailing List
Skuse Miss Eleanor Darnell1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Sleith Charles Robert Sleith1922 Calendar (Dec)
Slimon Rev. J. H. Slimon1925 Calendar (May)
SmallSmall (5 or more entries).
Smallman Mrs. Geo. Smallman1916 Membership Roll (PG05)
Smiss Mrs. V. Smiss1971 Choir
SmithSmith (5 or more entries).Smith
Smithers Mr. and Mrs. J. Smithers1944 Mailing List
Mr. J. Smithers1970 Membership Roll (A03-25)
Mrs. J. Smithers1970 Membership Roll (A03-24)
Snider Mrs. H. Snider1970 Membership Roll (A07-04)
Mr. H. Snider1970 Membership Roll (A07-03)
Snyder Mrs. Thos. Snyder1916 Membership Roll (PG04)
Southcomb Mrs. Southcomb1919 Choir memberSouthcomb
Miss Southcomb1920 Choir member
Mrs. Southcomb1919 Choir Address
Southcott Mr. and Mrs. F. Southcott1925 Calendar (July)
Harvey Frank Southcott1925 Calendar (July)
Sowerby Dr. Sowerby1924 Calendar (Sept)
Spearman Miss Ruth Spearman1916 Membership Roll (PG05)
Master John Spearman1918 Calendar (Apr)
Spry E. Spry1932 News (Oct)
Stace Miss Dylys Morrow1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Stacey W. E. Stacey1925 Calendar (May)
Stark Mrs. Stark1970 Membership Roll (A07-23)
StarlingStarling (5 or more entries).
SteevesSteeves (5 or more entries).Steeves
Stein Mrs. Stein1925 Calendar (July)
Stevens Mrs. Edward Stevens1944 Mailing List
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stevens1944 Mailing List
Mr. A. Stevens1964 Officers
StevensonStevenson (5 or more entries).
Stewart Mr. Stewart1923 Calendar (May)
Mae Stewart1932 News (May)
Mr. Jack Stewart1933 News
Miss Mae Stewart1935 News (Feb)
Stillwell Rev. H. E. Stillwell1923 Calendar (Nov)
Stiltz Miss Theresa Stiltz1970 Membership Roll (A10-33)
StinchcombeStinchcombe (5 or more entries).
StranglemanStrangleman (5 or more entries).
Stringle Mrs. Elizabeth Stringle1923 Calendar (Dec)
Struad Mr. J. H. Struad1920 Choir member
Struckett Mrs. Struckett1925 Calendar (Feb)
Mrs. Struckett1925 Calendar (Jan)
Stuard Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Stuard1919 Calendar (Mar)
Summers Mr. Gilbert Summers1916 Membership Roll (PG04)
Miss N. S. Summers1921 Calendar (Apr)
Sussens Mr. F. C. Sussens1916 Membership Roll (PG04)
Mrs. F. C. Sussens1916 Membership Roll (PG04)
F. C. Sussens1919 Calendar (Mar)
Mrs. R. Sussens1944 Mailing List
Sussins F. Sussins1924 Calendar (May)
Suter Blanche Suter1932 News (May)
Doris Suter1932 News (May)
Mr. E. Suter1970 Membership Roll (A02-10)
Miss Doris Suter1970 Membership Roll (A02-26)
Sutherland Miss Jean Sutherland1970 Membership Roll (A09-24)
Mrs. Helen Sutherland1970 Membership Roll (A03-11)
Sutler Bud Sutler1942 News
Swan Mr. Jack Swan1949 Calendar (Dec)
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Swan1950 Calendar
J. Swan1950 News
Sweetzir Miss Marion Sweetzir1936 News (Jan)