Egerton Street Baptist Church

Surname Index

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Cambridge Mrs. G. Cambridge1970 Membership Roll (A07-10)
CameronCameron (5 or more entries).
CampbellCampbell (5 or more entries).
Carew Rev. C. W. Carew1905 News
Carr Lorne Carr1923 Calendar (Aug)
CarrothersCarrothers (5 or more entries).
Carruthers Mrs. Carruthers1916 Membership Roll (PG01)
Carthurs Mrs. Carthurs1935 News
Cartwright Mrs. R. S. Cartwright1970 Membership Roll (A09-01)
Mr. R. S. Cartwright1970 Membership Roll (A08-36)
Catling Jno. Catling1954 History (P11)
John Catling1964 History (P13)
Cavanagh Mr. James Cavanagh Jr.1970 Membership Roll (A08-09)
Mr. James Cavanagh1970 Membership Roll (A09-34)
Mrs. J. (Rhoda) Cavanagh1970 Membership Roll (A09-35)
Cavanaugh Miss Flo Cavanaugh1905 News
Mr. Wm. Cavanaugh1916 Membership Roll (PG01)
Chalmers Miss H. Chalmers1916 Membership Roll (PG01)
Miss Bertha Chalmers1916 Membership Roll (PG01)
A. Chalmers1932 News (Oct)
Chambers Bros. Chambers1906 News
Mrs. Chas. Chambers1916 Membership Roll (PG01)
Chapman Mrs. O. Chapman1916 Membership Roll (PG01)
R. Chapman1932 News (Oct)
Chavener Mr. Arthur Chavener1916 Membership Roll (PG01)
A. E. Chavener1924 Calendar (May)
Mr. and Mrs. A. Chavener1944 Mailing List
Chavenor Mrs. A. Chavenor1916 Membership Roll (PG01)
Cheverie Miss Patricia Rake1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
ChristensenChristensen (5 or more entries).
Christenson Miss Mary Christenson1970 Membership Roll (A03-19)
Mrs. J. Christenson1970 Membership Roll (A03-18)
Mr. Jess Christenson1970 Membership Roll (A03-17)
Christie Mr. A. Christie1952 Calendar
ChurcherChurcher (5 or more entries).
Clark Mrs. Clark1944 Mailing ListClark
Mrs. Clark1944 Mailing List
Cole Miss Minnie Cole1905 News
Collins Earl Collins1922 Calendar (Jan)
Connor John A. Connor1925 Calendar (May)
CookCook (5 or more entries).
Cooke Oscar Cooke1923 Calendar (Dec)
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Cooke1944 Mailing List
Coomber Mr. and Mrs. Coomber1923 Calendar (July)
Coombes Mrs. Coombes1924 Calendar (Feb)
Violet Kathleen Coombes1924 Calendar (Sept)
Coombs Miss Violet Coombs1916 Membership Roll (PG01)
Mrs. Elizabeth Coombs1916 Membership Roll (PG01)
Violet Coombs1922 Calendar (Jan)
CooperCooper (5 or more entries).
Copeland Mr. Allan Copeland1944 Mailing List
Corbett Mr. J. Corbett1970 Membership Roll (A07-34)
Corrin Mrs. Frank Corrin1919 Calendar (Apr)
Cossam Mrs. Cossam1945 Choir
CossomCossom (5 or more entries).
Cotterell Mr. Lawrence Cotterell1947 Calendar (Jun)
Court Mr. S. J. Court1916 Membership Roll (PG01)
Mrs. Court1921 Calendar (May)
S. Court1921 Bondsmen
Cousins Mr. Cousins1937 News
Crabbe Mrs. Crabbe1923 Calendar (May)
Crampton Bert Crampton1943War
Mrs. Ruby Crampton1970 Membership Roll (A04-13)
Crompton Mrs. H. Crompton1944 Mailing List
CrossCross (5 or more entries).
Crow Geo. Crow1944 Mailing List
Crowder S. Crowder1945 Choir
Crowfoot Rev. Gordon Crowfoot1929 Calendar (Oct)
Crown Matthew Roy Crown1925 Calendar (Oct)
Culley Mrs. J. Culley1967 Choir
Miss Jeanette Box1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Curran K. Curran1945 Choir
Auldus Curran1947 Calendar (Jun)
Miss Ruth Heathfield1970 Membership Roll (Marr)