Egerton Street Baptist Church











January 1924 Calendar

Alexander Paxton Henderson married Phoebe Harris Bailey, December 5.

February 1924 Calendar

Berean Band Members- Mr. H. Pierce, Mrs. Benstead, Winnie White, Tom Saville, Mrs. H. Pierce, Mrs. Jervis, Vera Mantel, Mrs. Longhurst, Mrs. Coombes, Oleado Jervis, Geo. Jervis, Mrs. W. Pyman, Mrs. Mercaife, Pearie Jervis.

George Marshall Fuller, infant, child of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Fuller passed away January 20.

March 1924 Calendar

Philip Rose and Mary Eleanor Noble of 129 St. Julien were married February 18.

Organist was Mr. L. G. Starling in 1924.

April 1924 Calendar

Rev. A. Burgess, 217 Egerton Street

Saturday March 14, Richard Charles Sinclair and Winnifred Ward were united in marriage.

We are delighted to welcome Rev. L. E. and Mrs. Trantor and their son Harold from Australia. Rev. Trantor was pastor here eighteen years ago. Harold has entered Woodstock College in preparation for his life's work.

Mrs. Dust and her son Arthur were baptized March 30th.

A service of unveiling the honour roll, April 6th by the pastor. Lt.-Col. C. H. Hill, will unveil the Memorial. Lt.-Col. C. M. R. Graham will do the address. The veterans will occupy the choir seats and wear their decorations. The Boy Scouts and Girl Guides in uniform will be in attendance as well as the drummers and bugler with muffled instruments.

May 1924 Calendar

The Honor and Memorial Shields were unveiled in the church on Sunday Evening, April 6, 1924.

Killed in Action: E. Beeson, L. Ross, J. Paxman, R. Freeland, S. Evans, G. Small, G. Pennington, H. Hastings, F. Sussins.

Departed Since Return: W. J. Lobb, E. Malone, S. Small.

Honor Roll: F. Astell, J. Astell, E. Hawe, T. Boyce, L. Beeson, W. Jaques, A. Burrows, T. Burrows, C. Astell, B. Faulkner, F. Evans, P. Blackwell, A. Goss, F. Glintz, V. Ball, W. Gould, H. Gould, A. E. Chavener, R. Malone, C. Malone, C. Finch, C. Moody, W. MacCausland, C. Gould, J. Paxman, F. Plumridge, J. Oilman, C. Roberts, Rev. W. Riddiford, D. McKerlie, A Skeats, A. Stinchcombe, J. Payne, F. Smith, E. Ross, C. Webb, N. Tait, E. Saich, R. White, J. Lawrence, A. Smith, J. Smith.

On Sunday morning June 8, the Canadian Girls in Training Group will assist in then service, occupy the choir seats and act as ushers. Miss Vema Pyman and Miss Violet Wilson will assist the pastor.

September 1924 Calendar

Harold Clifford Pyman wed Camelia Madeline Sharratt July 19, minister was Rev. C. H. Geer of St. Thomas.
Herbert Bertram Bennett wed Violet Kathleen Coombes Aug. 2.
Robert Royal Sheperd of Detroit wed Birdie Alien Yeates Aug. 18, at 134 Price St.
George Frederick Eugene Hill wed Pearl May Bendle Aug. 20 at 956 Dame St.
Ray Victor Warwick wed Jean Munro Aug 20.
Daniel Campbell Boyle wed Phyllis Madeline Boyce Aug. 21 at 9 Redan St.
William Edward Kenney wed Margeret Hannah Osbom Aug. 23.

George Meecham passed away July 2.
Jean Elizabeth Mae Winterbottom passed away July 31.

Rev C. J. Loney of Stanley Ave. Baptist Church Hamilton will be the Anniversary speaker Sept. 28. Supper will be served from 6-7:30 in the hall and Dr. Sowerby will speak on "The Adventures of Jiggs Junior."

October 1924 Calendar

Basil Hazelden and Elsie Parks wed Sept. 20
Robert Lloyd Sinclair wed Mary Annie Holt Sept. 20.

Jerimiah Wade passed away Sept. 6

December 1924 Calendar

Charles Neil wed Lucina Pratt Nov. 27