Egerton Street Baptist Church

Surname Index

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Kadlesik Miss Sharon Shute1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Kalus Mrs. A. Kalus1926 Calendar (Jan)
Kam Mr. and Mrs. Kam1944 Mailing List
KeenKeen (5 or more entries).
Keener Mr. Orly Keener1933 News
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Keener1933 News
Kelly Mrs. Jean Kelly1970 Membership Roll (A10-15)
Kenedy Mrs. A. Kenedy1916 Membership Roll (PG03)
Kennedy Rev. N. Kennedy1952 Calendar
Kenney William Edward Kenney1924 Calendar (Sept)
Kenny Miss Helen Kenny1944 Mailing List
Mrs. Robt. Kenny1944 Mailing List
Mrs. Robert Kenny1970 Membership Roll (A05-05)
Miss Helen Kenny1970 Membership Roll (A05-06)
Kent C. F. Kent1921 Bondsmen
Kerr Mrs. Mary Kerr1962 Choir
Mary Kerr1963 Choir
Miss Mary Atkinson1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Kestle Miss Betty Ann Allen1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
KewKew (5 or more entries).
Kilgour Mrs. Keith Kilgour1970 Membership Roll (A10-22)
Mr. Keith Kilgour1970 Membership Roll (A10-21)
Kilty Mr. Don Kilty1949 Calendar (Dec)
Mr. Don Kilty1950 Calendar
King Mrs. King1939 Calendar (Oct)
Knapp Chas. C. Knapp1935 News
KnightKnight (5 or more entries).
Knights Samuel Knights1923 Calendar (Jan)
Knowles Mrs. John Knowles1922 Calendar (Jan)
Mr. and Mrs. J. Knowles1944 Mailing List
Mr. Jack Knowles1970 Membership Roll (A02-22)
Koyle Archie Koyle1934 News