Egerton Street Baptist Church











April 1918 Calendar

Elsie Irene Dawe passed away March 4th.

Sunday School attendance during March averaged 331.

New Members-
Miss Nettie Blinkhorn, 255 Egerton St.
Mr. Richard Campbell, 11 Grafton St.
Miss Bessie Holstead, 59 Glenwood Ave
Miss Grace Flood, 301 Egerton St.
Mr. Albert Ford, 1036 Mabel St.
Miss Edna Griffith, 95 Smith St.
Miss Hilda Griffith, 95 Smith St.
Miss Vera Mantle, 49 Oak St.
Miss Evelyn McLean, 801 Hamilton Rd.
Mr. John Moffatt, 1063 FlorenceSt.
Mr. Oscar Olston, 32 terrence St.
Miss Maude Parker, 616 Hamilton Rd.
Mrs. Thos. Penelagan, 16 Oak St.
Miss Queenie Saich, 964 Dame St.
Miss Marguerite Small, 315 Egerton St.
Mr. Paul Saschse, 1057 Trafalgar St.
Master John Spearman , 1076 Frances St.
Miss Winnie White, 1063 Mabel St.
Miss Violet Wilson, 61 Smith St.

June 1918 Calendar

New Members-
Miss Pearl Angus, 92 Dillabough St.
Miss Alice Boddington, 863 Van St.
Mr. James Boddington, 863 Van St.
Mr. W. A. Wilson, 61 Smith St.
Mrs. w. A. Wilson, 61 Smith St.

Principal A. T. MacNeil, of Woodstock College will preach our Anniversary Service.

Miss Irene Webb passed May 19th.

The Sunday School picnic will be held at Springbank Park July 1 st.

The Mission Circle and Ladies Union will hold their picnic at Springbank Park on July 4th.

June 9th, Rev. A. W. Shepherd of Leamington will preach in the morning. Rev. W. M. Graham from Perth will preach in the evening. These are Presbyterian Ministers attending the General Assembly.

October 1918 Calendar

Rev. A. C. Bingham 145 Price Street

The Honor Roll has been draped and our hearts have been bowed in sorrow for our loss. Jack Paxman, Samuel Evans, and Edward Beason have given their lives for us.

Over $400 was cleared in the Dining Hall at the fair.

Mrs. Wm. H. Brooks passed away on October 2nd.
Mrs. Thomas Penelegan passed away September 2nd.

New Members-
Mrs. C. Mires, 498 Egerton Street
Miss Mary Gibson, 20 Cartwright St.
Miss Clara Smith, 203 East Street
Mrs. Tophan, 154 Brisbin Street