Egerton Street Baptist Church

Surname Index

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G? Miss June Wilkey1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Gadsby Henry Gadsby1929 Calendar (Feb)
Gallupe Miss Karen Gallupe1970 Membership Roll (A11-03)
Gardiner Mr. Ted Gardiner1905 News
E. Gardiner1906 News
GarrettGarrett (5 or more entries).
Gee Miss June Gee1947 Calendar (Jun)
GeerGeer (5 or more entries).
Generaux Mrs. Generaux1944 Mailing List
Genereaux Mrs. Genereaux1970 Membership Roll (A03-27)
Gibbs Miss Gladys Gibbs1916 Membership Roll (PG02)
Charles Gibbs1932 News (Oct)
Mr. C. Gibbs1933 News
Gibson Miss Mary Gibson1918 Calendar (Oct)
Pastor James Gibson1946 News
Giemann Rev. P. P. Giemann1937 News
Giles Mrs. E. Giles1920 Calendar (May)
Gilfillan Mrs. J. Gilfillan1970 Membership Roll (A05-04)
Gilfillen Mr. Jas. Gilfillen1916 Membership Roll (PG02)
Mrs. J. Gilfillen1944 Mailing List
Gilkes Mrs. R. Gilkes1970 Membership Roll (A10-11)
Mr. Robert Gilkes1970 Membership Roll (A10-10)
Gillmore Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gillmore1920 Calendar (Jan)
Mr. Jack Gillmore1920 Calendar (Jan)
Gilman Miss Gertrude Gilman1916 Membership Roll (PG02)
Mrs. Gilman1916 Membership Roll (PG02)
Gilmour Mr. J. Gilmour1920 Reconstruction
Glintz F. Glintz1924 Calendar (May)
Goldenburg Mrs. Goldenburg1944 Mailing List
Good Mr. F. Good1916 Membership Roll (PG02)
GooderGooder (5 or more entries).
Goss Mr. A. S. Goss1916 Membership Roll (PG02)
A. Goss1924 Calendar (May)
Mrs. Donna Goss1967 Choir
Mrs. Gary U. Goss1970 Membership Roll (A10-19)
GouldGould (5 or more entries).
Gounod Chas. Gounod1929 Calendar (Feb)
Gowanlock Fannie Gowanlock1925 Calendar (Feb)
GrahamGraham (5 or more entries).Graham, George
Graham, Andrew
Granger C.W. Granger1925 Calendar (June)
Gray Mrs. Gray1916 Membership Roll (PG02)
Grayson Mr. Y. Grayson1944 Mailing List
Mr. Fred Grayson1970 Membership Roll (A03-15)
GreenGreen (5 or more entries).
Greer Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Greer1916 Membership Roll (PG02)
GriffithGriffith (5 or more entries).Griffiths
Griffiths Miss W. Griffiths1919 Choir AddressGriffiths
GriggGrigg (5 or more entries).
Grist Miss Grist1923 Calendar (May)
GroomGroom (5 or more entries).
Gunter Mrs. Gunter1923 Calendar (Jan)
Gurney Bro. Gurney1904 News
Mr. William Gurney1954 History (P11)
William Gurney1964 History (P13)