Egerton Street Baptist Church











January 1920 Calendar

New Members:
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arthur, 18 Sycamore St.
Mr. Earl Blinkhorn, 155 Egerton St.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gillmore, 342 Eleanor
Mr. Jack Gillmore, 342 eleanor
Mr. Earl Hooper, 48 Hydro
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Leadbury, 102 Oak
Mr. Jack Payne, 22 Swinyard

All the Protestant denominations of this continent are engaged in the planning, preparation and propagation of a great Forward Movement. It was demonstrated during the war what a nation devoted to a great cause could do. That great cause was war. There is a cause as much greater than war as the sun is greater than a comet, and that cause is the cause of our Lord Jesus Christ. The great golden bugle of heaven has sounded. Let us at Egerton Street move forward.

March 1920 Calendar

Rev. A. C. Bingham, 17 Smith St. Pastor

Article published in the Calendar...

The Fire

Four o'clock, Saturday morning, Feb. 7th, we were aroused to go to our beautiful Church building to find it posessed by the demon of fire. He wrapped his arms of flame about her. He cruelly crushed the idol of our hearts and threw her down ruined and broken. The beautiful pictorial windows were completely destroyed. The organ, that had led us in song, the baptistry, where many had been baptized; the Communion table that had witnessed so much sacred fellowship, were all destroyed. We must arise, and in the name of God build again the house of prayer.

A large building committee has been appointed, with R. Saunders, Chairman; C. Barker, Secretary; F. McDonald, Treasurer. Wm. Watson has been appointed as manager of the reconstruction. R. Mills, G. Tupholme, F. McDonald, W. Watson and C. Reid have been appointed as the committee to receive contributions and devise plans and ways of securing further contributions.

All pledges and contributions should be directed to Mr. F. McDonald, 287 Egerton St.

The Orange Lodge promptly opened their Hall to the Pastor.

May 1920 Calendar

On May 4th, a Grand Concert and Pie Social will be held in the Orange Hall under the auspices of the Upstreamers class. A splendid programme has been provided, at the close of which pie and coffee will be served.

During the year 3 members have passed away, Mrs. E. Giles, Mr. Ed Malone and Mr. Ed Roberts, the present total is 325.

June 1920 Calendar

John Haskett passed away at his home, 510 Hill street on May 5th.

July 1920 Calendar

New Members- Mr. and Mrs. Ernest A. McKay, 530 Grey Street

Miss Pyatt passed away June 21st, she lived at 10 Pegler Street.

The men of the Church have organized themselves into a Brotherhood. This includes all the male members of our congregation that are 16 and older. They meet Sunday morning at 10 o'clock and a special speaker will address each meeting.

The annual picnic to be held at Springbank Park July 7th.

August 1920 Calendar

Article published in the Calendar...


Our work commenced in 1891, in the kitchen of Mr. H. McConnel. The home is a good place to start a Church. After three years the growing Sunday School was transplanted to the first building, which cost $600. Eight times this building had to be made larger. September 18, 1904, the Church was organized with thirty members. Just six years ago, the 14th of June, our beautiful new Church was dedicated. What a great day that was! And now we are looking forward to a rededication. Let us pray that it may be made by our Master, a day when the building will not bother us in seeing and worshipping God. We have been receiving a lot and paying out a very little money. But the time has come now when we will have to start paying out. Will those who have promised seek to bring in their contributions at their earliest convenience? Further gifts will be gratefully received. Let us be in prayer to God and he will bring it to pass.

Rev. L. S. Haverstock, of Strathroy will preach the first three Sundays in August and conduct the prayer meetings. Mr. Haverstock is an earnest, enthusiastic Gospel preacher.

Our congregation has decided to conduct the Dining Hall at the fair this year. Remember the date - September 11th to 18th. You will all be willing to help!

September 1920 Calendar

At last we can set a date when we will enter again with joy into the rebuilt church. The Sunday School will lead the procession back, and on Sunday afternoon, Sept. 26, there will be a Special session and programme in honor of the reopening of the basement. The B.Y.P.U. will follow next on Monday with a social evening.

On Friday Sept. 3, Charles E. Johnston was thrown from his motorcycle and instantly killed.

Our church is again conducting a dining room in connection with the Western Fair.

October 1920 Calendar

The church wishes to thank anyone who helped in any way in connection with the dining room at the Western Fair. You will be pleased to know that through your efforts $1,125. cash was realized.

The Invincibles are a merry class of twelve young men with Mrs. Graham as their teacher. They invite any young man who does not go to Sunday School to join them.

We wish to acknowledge the kindness of Mr. Charles Barns, of St. James Street for so beautifully rebinding our burned pulpit bible.

November 1920 Calendar

Six cottage Prayer Meetings will be held in the following homes: Mr. Geo. Wadsworth, 750 Hamilton Rd., Mr. John Tupholme, 524 Hamilton Rd., Mr. E. Siach, 964 Dame St., Mr. Harry Johnson, 20 Rathgar St., Mrs. E. Scandrett, 477 Adelaide St., Mr. Geo. White, 1063 Mabel St.

We would like to thank Mrs. E. Scandrett, though not a member of our church for her donation of $75.

December 1920 Calendar

Sunday 5th, reopening services. Rev. Robert White of Brantford will be the special speaker.