Egerton Street Baptist Church











This is an old member (mailing) list, up to August 1944.

Mrs. Nellie Avery, 501 King Street
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Allen, 17 Hydro Street
Mrs. R. Allen, 101 Oak Street
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bowie and Miss Jean Bowie, 80 Chesley Ave
Mr. and Mrs. H. Barnes, 633 Hamilton Rd.
Mr. and Mrs. Veme Ball, 187 Richmond
Mrs. B. Bugden, 643 Hamilton Rd.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Barker, 27 Hume
Mr. and Mrs. G. Beversdorf, 655 Hamilton Rd.
Mrs. Norman Box, 42 Oliver
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brighton, Miss Emmie, Mr. Arthur, 148 Rectory
Miss Betty Bossence, 125 Inkerman
Mr. and Mrs. A. Chavener, 13 May
Mrs. Clark, 165 Egerton, died
Mr. Robt. Carrothers, 1075 King
Mr. and Mrs. Stafford Churcher, 22 Rosewood
Mrs. J. Churcher
Mrs. Cooper, 491 York
Mrs. Clark, 4 Sycamore
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Cooke, 102 Devonshire
Mr. and Mrs. R. Campbell, Robert, 978 Dame
Mrs. H. Crompton, 657 Emery
Mrs. George Dadson, 710 York
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Davies, 126 Price
Rev. A. C. Dixon, 1052 Mable
Mr. and Mrs. E. Dix, 130 Brisbin
Mrs. A. C. Dixon, 1051 Mable, died January 2,1946.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Doolittle, 139 arundel
Mrs. Hadley, died December 16, 1943.
Miss Pearl Dean, 700 Waterloo
Miss Pearl Dean, 575 William, (Mrs. Goldenburg)
Leonard Beason
Edward Beason
Mrs. Gladys Burgess
Mrs. Benstead
Mr. Bradbury
Geo. Crow
Mr. Allan Copeland
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Dust, 63 Beattie
Miss E. Dickenson, 87 Elm
Mrs. Norman Devine, Mrs. Pursis Devine, Miss Dorothy Devine, Miss Helen Devine, Mr. Fred Devine, 843 Stedwell
Mr. Thos. Devine, 126 Fullerton
Mrs. Robt. Dickey, 74 Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Ellwood, 294 Egerton
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Evans, Miss Eula, Miss Marion, 41 Vauxhall
Mrs. A. Evans, 287 Egerton
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Evans, 122 Brisbin
Mrs. George Ellis, 76 Anderson
Mrs. Fuller, 115 Madison
Mrs. D. Freedy, 1030 Frances
Mrs. Brock Freemantle, 482 Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Flood, Miss Blanche, 301 Egerton
Mrs. Del. Fletcher, 880 Van
Mr. Geo. Graham, 202 1/2 Egerton
Mrs. Generaux, in care of 369 Cheapside
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Green, 18 Rosewood
Mrs. George Green, 164 Brisbin
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Green, 45 Tennyson
Mrs. J. Gilfillen, 111 Langarth
Miss Bernice Hazelden
Miss Ruth Heathfield, Miss Audrey, Miss Shirley, 24 Oak
Mrs. Clifford Hebner, 14 Astoria Apts. 175 Dundas
Mr. and Mrs. S. Hames, 144 Delaware
Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Howard, 272 Egerton
Mr. and Mrs. F. Husson, 172 Price
Geo. Dent
Gordon Fletcher
Mr. Y. Grayson
Mr. and Mrs. W. Hooper, Miss Dessolie, 1076 Frances
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hinton, 498 Hamilton
Mrs. Hancox, 96 Brisbin
Mr. and Mrs. J. Holstead, Miss Ina, 57 Glenwood
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hawe, 607 Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. R. Heron, 624 King
Mr. and Mrs. L. Heron, 8 Oak
Mr. and Mrs. L. Hessel, Keith and Eddie,
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Jervis Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Jervis Jr., 141 Pinelawn
Mrs. Robt. Kenny, Miss Helen, 979 Dame
Mr. Don Hay
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Jones Jr.
Mr. B. Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. S. Keen, 71 Dillabough
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kew, 63 Hydro
Mrs. Jas. Kew, 63 Hydro
Mr. and Mrs. J. Knowles, 742 Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Kam, 349 Thompson Rd.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Knight, 19 Kitchener Ave
Mr. and Mrs. E. Lewis, 518 Hamilton
Mrs. Wm. Lake, 162 Delaware
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lilley, 438 Egerton
Mrs. E. Lewis, 130 Brisbin
Mrs. Annie Hobbs, 204 Rectory
Mr. and Mrs. John Lake, 908 Dame
Mrs. J. Moscrip, 1034 King
Mr. Chas. Moody, 758 Baseline
Mrs. M. E. Malone, 1030 Trafalgar
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Malone, Miss Doreen, 1030 Tralfalgar
Mrs. Wm. Malone, 1030 Trafalgar
Mrs. Jas. Murray, 45 Byron Ave
Mrs. T. Matthews, 345 Glebe
Mrs. Mary Mayne, Miss Elsie, Miss Beyrle, 878 Trafalgar
Mr. and Mrs. J. Moffatt, Mr. Robert, Mr. Ross, 73 Elm
Miss Dylys Morrow, 90 Dillabough
Mr. Jessie McClure, Mr. and Mrs. Frank McClure, Miss Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert McClure, RR.#8, London
Mr. Archie Mackay, Miss Bella, Mr. Albert, 308 Egerton
Mrs. J. McKerlie, the Gore
Mrs. Claire McKerlie, 766 Hamilton
Mrs. McLaren, 79 Maple
Mrs. L. McPhail, 137 St. Julien
Mrs. Lance McMurray, 62 Sackville
Mrs. Newans, 25 Childer
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Northey, 165 Madison
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd North, RR #3, London
Mrs. Oscar Ollson, 524 Hamilton
Miss K. Parker, 129 John
Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Pepler, 38 Adelaide
Mrs. Maud Plumridge, 1019 Pine
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Plumridge, 865 Lovett
Mrs. Petrie, Miss Olive Petrie, 228 Egerton
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Payne, 11 Beattie
Mrs. G. Payne, 10 Rosewood
Bert Pugsley
Mrs. E. Quinn, Miss Audrey, Miss Viola, Miss Madelina, 498 Hamilton
Mrs. C. Roberts, Miss Hazel, 11 Windsor
Mr. Ed Ross, 643 Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Read, 1119 Trafalgar
Mr. and Mrs. Sid Read, 1118 Trafalgar
Mr. and Mrs. Rolphe, 1102 Trafalgar
Mrs. Cecil Robertson, 830 Steadwell
Tom Rice, 29 Hume
Mrs. Wm. Ray, 29 Wilson
Miss Rose and Miss Marie Skipper, 68 Clarence
Mr. and Mrs. J. Smithers, 999 Oxford
Mr. and Mrs. A. Strangleman, 454 Egerton
Mrs. C. Shute, 12 May
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Stevens, 209 Hale
Mrs. L. Starling, 20 Hyla
Mr. Matthew Smith, Miss Orpha, Miss Qwen, 448 Woodman
Mrs. G. Simmonds
Mr. and Mrs. Blake Smith, 245 Egerton
Mrs. Dorothy Smith, 556 Ontario
Mr. and Mrs. Harris Smith, 859 William
Mrs. E. Smith, 444 York
Mrs. Herbert Smith, 425 Quebec
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stevenson, 235 Egerton
Mrs. Chas. Siegrist, 27 Hume
Mr. and Mrs. Alf Saunders, 82 Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. John Scott, 125 Inkerman
Mrs. R. Sussens, 45 Byron Ave
Mrs. Edward Stevens, 165 Madison
Mr. Jack Tupholme Sr., 524 Hamilton, died Dec. 30,1946
Mr. Jack Tupholme Jr., 524 Hamilton
Mr. Thyos. Taylor, 75 Rogers
Mrs. H. Tooke, 25 Terrence
Mrs. Stewart Taylor, 109 Madison
Mr. and Mrs. W. Tomlin, 80 Dillabough
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Timms, 165 Madison
Mrs. lan Martin, 165 Madison
Mr. E. Unsted, 71 Elm
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Vanwagner, 54 Walnut
Miss Irene Vittie, 315 Egerton
Mrs. F. Wilcox, 979 Hackett
Mrs. Chas. Wilson, 61 Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Welch, 15 Hyla
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Williamson, 142 Madison
Mrs. Van Williamson, 164 Delaware
Mrs. Barry, 162 Delaware
Mr. and Mrs. Roy White, 1061 Mabel
Mrs. Madeline White, 967 Dame
Mr. and Mrs. William Watson, 123 Vauxhall
Miss Irene Watson, 123 Vauxhall
Mrs. Joe Watson, 270 Ridout
Mrs. Dorothy Whiney, 19 Kitchener
Mrs. Douglas West, 880 Van
Mr. and Mrs. Nelson West, 810 Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Williams, 979 Hackett
Mr. Jack West, 810 Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Young, Miss Agnes, Mr. Brian, 923 Elias
Mr. and Mrs. Smith, 125 Arundel
Mrs. T. Fright
Mrs. Adams