Egerton Street Baptist Church

Surname Index

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Rainsbury Mrs. E. Rainsbury1970 Membership Roll (A08-30)
Raithby Rev. William Raithby1925 Calendar (May)
RakeRake (5 or more entries).
Ray Mrs. Wm. Ray1944 Mailing List
ReadRead (5 or more entries).
Reid C. Reid1920 Calendar (Mar)
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Reid1921 Calendar (Jan)
Rice Tom Rice1944 Mailing List
Richardson Joe Richardson1935 News
Mr. Richardson1937 News
Mr. Edward Richardson1970 Membership Roll (A03-08)
RiddifordRiddiford (5 or more entries).Riddiford
RobertsRoberts (5 or more entries).Roberts
RobertsonRobertson (5 or more entries).
RobinsonRobinson (5 or more entries).
Rodda E. Rodda1932 News (Oct)
Roe Miss Helen Kenny1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Roller Mr. Alvin Roller1970 Membership Roll (A06-24)
Rolph Charlie Rolph1942 News
Charlie Rolph1942 News
Mrs. Chas. Rolph1970 Membership Roll (A04-07)
Rolphe Mr. and Mrs. Rolphe1944 Mailing List
Rose Miss E. Rose1905 News
Mr. and Mrs. Rose1908 News
Philip Rose1924 Calendar (Mar)
RossRoss (5 or more entries).
Rouse Mrs. Helen Sutherland1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Roy Rev. Roy1920 Reconstruction
Rutherford Mrs. Ed Rutherford1916 Membership Roll (PG04)
Mr. Ed Rutherford1916 Membership Roll (PG04)
RyckmanRyckman (5 or more entries).
Ryland Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Ryland1916 Membership Roll (PG04)