Minister Rev. P. T. Darnell
Organist Mrs. K. Davis
Chairman Deacon's Board Mr. G. Simmonds
Chairman Board of Managers Mr. C. Read
Clerk Miss K. Parker
Treasurer Mr. L. S. Keen
Church Secretary Mrs. D. Garrett
Superintendent of Church School Mr. R. Moffatt
Pres. Ladies Aid Mrs. J. Box
Pres. Mission Circle No
Chairmen of Committees and Clubs
House Committee Mr. W. Atkinson
Benevolent Work Mr. R. Moffatt
Music Committee Mr. P. McClure
Young Peoples' Mr. R. Dean
Get Together Club Mr. P. Burke
S. F. O. Club Mrs. R. Sinclair
Group Committee Mr. E. Keen
Leaders of Junior Choir Misses S. Read & A. Scott
Scouts Mr. A. Stevens
Cubs Mrs. J. Box
Guides Miss C. M. Freeman
Brownies Mrs. H. Rake
Caretaker Mr. George Devine