Egerton Street Baptist Church











January 1925 Calendar

Mrs. Struckett
Thelma Neave
Gordon Ross
Freddie Shaw

Monday December 29th, Dorothy Billingsley passed away.

Thirty two families received Christmas hampers from the Sunday School.

February 1925 Calendar

Fannie Gowanlock passed away Jan. 2.

new members - Mr. and Mrs. West from Talbot St Church, Miss Freeman from Wortley Road, Mr. and Mrs. Small from Galt, Mrs. Houghton from Ingersoll, Mrs. Struckett, Thelma Neve, Gordon Ross, Freedie Shaw by baptism.

March 1925 Calendar

Mrs. S. Read passed away Feb. 8
Henry Pekham passed away Feb. 19
William Lake passed Feb. 20.
Walter W. Gould passed away Feb. 24.

Special evenings during March- 2nd. Rev. W. McDonald, 3rd Rev. R.J. Murphy, 4th Rev. Geo. Young, 5th Rev. Dr. Green, 6th various ministers will relate the experiences that led up to their conversion.

May 1925 Calendar

Rev. A. Burgess, Editor

At the quarterly business meeting, Mr. George White was elected to represent Egerton Street on the Church Extension Board to replace Mr. R. Mills.

In the Sunday School the attendance was the largest yet. About 475 were present. Dr. W. R. McIntosh addressed the school, which was held in the auditorium. Two readings were given and the Primary boys and girls sang "Lift Up The Little Children."

At the evening services five adults were baptized: Dorothy Taff, John A. Connor, Thelma Beswarick and Ina Holstead.

Rev. William Raithby of Petrolia will occupy our pulpit the first Sunday in May, while the pastor is preaching anniversary sermons in Petrolia.

The Power of Suggestion

There i$ a $mall matter which $ome of our friend$ have $eemingly forgotten. To u$ it i$ nece$$ary in our bu$ine$$. We are very mode$t and do not wi$h to $peak of it.

It was a happy gathering that met in the Adelaide Street Baptist church on Monday, April 6, to welcome their new pastor. Rev. J. H. Slimon and his wife and family.

The infant child of Mrs. L. Beeson, 118 Briscoe Street was called home on March 23 after a brief visit to this earth of 10 hours.

William Brown, uncle to W. E. Stacey of 32 Holman Street passed away on April 7.

There are but three classes of men: the retrograde, the stationery and the progressive. -Lavater.

The Junior B.Y.P.U. Union, under the leadership of Hazel Shaw, won the pennant for the largest attendance at the Easter City Rally held on Good Friday in the Wortley Road Church. At the Senior Rally held in the Talbot Street Church on Easter Monday night. Hope Mission and Egerton Street tied for the shield. Each society will hold the shield for three months.

Mr. and Mrs. Parsons and family are happily settled at 120 Pine Lawn Avenue after fire completely destroyed their home.

Mr. A. E. Silver was home from McMaster University for Easter and took part in the Sunday School service Easter morning.

The Mother's Clubs of Chesley Avenue, Rectory Street, Trafalgar and Ealing have been invited to worship with us on Mother's Day.

June 1925 Calendar

Ethel Day passed away April 17.
Baby Burrows passed April 21.
Jaqueline Besmarick passed away April 29.
T. Ellsworth passed April 29.
C.W. Granger passed May 7.
Robert Hawe, a charter member of our church passed away in his 91 st year on May 18.

L. G. Starling and Violet Irene Wilson wed May 16.
Gordon William Hawe wed Mary Florence Louise Webb on June 3.

July 1925 Calendar

Florence Wilson of 61 Smith St. married Charles Wilson on Friday June 12th.
Mabel May Burch married Leslie Murphy on June 17th.
Frederick Auger married Sarah Clements McIndoe McKibben on July 2nd.

New members-
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Beswarick from Welland.

Under the auspices of the Ladies Aid a Garden party will be held on the property owned by Mrs. Stein on Hamilton Road opposite Smith Street on Tuesday July 7th, afternoon and evening. Home made cooking, candy, peanuts etc. Pony rides for the children. The Sunday School orchestra will provide the musical programme. Admission free.

Sunday School picnic is July 11th. The train leaves for Port Stanley at 10.20 a.m. and returns at 7.40 p.m.

Vacation Bible School begins July 13th. Children from the east end of London from the various churches in the community. Anglican, Presbyterian, United, Salvation Army, Baptist etc. for the purpose of using the leisure time of the children to inculcate vital moral and Christian principles under the direction of skilful teachers.
It opens at 9 and closes at 12 Monday to Friday.

At 681 Hamilton Road on Tuesday June 23 to Mr. and Mrs. F. Southcott, a son Harvey Frank was born.

October 1925 Calendar

At 1070 Mabel St. Matthew Roy Crown wed Eva Vemice Sinclair on Sept. 30.

November 1925 Calendar

Babe June B. Winterbottom passed away Oct. 5.

Our new janitor is Mr. H. Hocking of 169 Sanders Street.

December 1925 Calendar

Charlotte Pekham passed away Nov. 3.
James Newman passed away Nov. 9.
Mary Astels passed away Nov. 10.
Martin Roberts passed Nov. 14.

Edward John Holder wed Annie May Osbome Nov. 4 at 648 Hamilton Road.
Robert George William Wenman wed Gertrude Martin Nov. 7.
Clifford George Laskey wed Dahlia Elizabeth Sinclair Nov. 27.