Egerton Street Baptist Church

Surname Index

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Page Miss Florence Page1916 Membership Roll (PG04)
Palmer Mrs. A. Palmer1916 Membership Roll (PG04)
George Palmer1954 History (P05)
Mr. George Palmer1964 History (P03)
Panting John Panting1932 News (Oct)
Parish James Parish1923 Calendar (Aug)
ParkerParker (5 or more entries).Parker
Parkes Mr. Harold E. Parkes1947 Calendar (Oct)
Mrs. Parkes1970 Membership Roll (A03-01)
Parkinson Mrs. B. J. Parkinson1919 Calendar (Mar)
Mrs. M. Parkinson1970 Membership Roll (A09-22)
Parks Elsie Parks1924 Calendar (Oct)
Parry Lily Florence Parry1923 Calendar (May)
Parsons Miss Hollie Parsons1921 Calendar (Jan)
Holly Parsons1923 Calendar (Dec)
Mr. and Mrs. Parsons1925 Calendar (May)
Pascoe Mr. Fred Pascoe1970 Membership Roll (A08-33)
Patterson Mr. Patterson1919 Choir member
Mr. Patterson1919 Choir Address
PaxmanPaxman (5 or more entries).
PaynePayne (5 or more entries).
PearcePearce (5 or more entries).Pearce, George
Pearce, M.
Peason Miss Betty Bossence1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Peckham E. Peckham1926 Calendar (Feb)
Mr. E. H. Peckham1936 News (Mar)
Pekham Henry Pekham1925 Calendar (Mar)
Charlotte Pekham1925 Calendar (Dec)
Penelagan Mrs. Thos. Penelagan1918 Calendar (Apr)
Penelegahan Mr.Thos. Penelegahan1916 Membership Roll (PG04)
Penelegan Mrs. Thomas Penelegan1918 Calendar (Oct)
Pennington George Pennington1919 Calendar (Mar)
G. Pennington1924 Calendar (May)
Penny Miss Jean Sutherland1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Pepler Mr. and Mrs. Thos. Pepler1944 Mailing List
Perkin Annie Perkin1877 Letter
Sarah Perkin1877 Letter
Richard Perkin1877 Letter
PerkinsPerkins (5 or more entries).
PetriePetrie (5 or more entries).
Petrir B. Petrir1950 News
Pett Mrs. Pett1923 Calendar (May)
PhoenixPhoenix (5 or more entries).
Pickle Mrs. Fanny Pickle1916 Membership Roll (PG04)
Miss Fannie Pickle1919 Calendar (Mar)
PiercePierce (5 or more entries).
Pierson Sister Pierson1908 News
Miss Elizabeth Dickenson1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Mr. Earl L. Pierson1970 Membership Roll (A10-18)
PinkertonPinkerton (5 or more entries).
Pinkham Misses Dorothy and Florabel Pinkham1916 Membership Roll (PG04)
Piper Corp. Piper1919 Calendar (Mar)
Pirrie Henry Pirrie1921 Bondsmen
PlumridgePlumridge (5 or more entries).
Pope Mrs. Chas. Pope1970 Membership Roll (A05-12)
Porter Alice Porter1923 Calendar (Sept)
Portsmouth Mr. Avery Portsmouth1933 News
Avery Portsmouth1942 News
Post Norman Post1922 Calendar (Jan)
Norman Post1922 Calendar (Oct)
PotterPotter (5 or more entries).Potter
PrattPratt (5 or more entries).
Pratten Mr. and Mrs. E. Pratten1916 Membership Roll (PG04)
Miss Pearl Pratten1921 Calendar (Jan)
Pratton Mr. E. Pratton1920 Reconstruction
Proctor Mr. Alfred Proctor1950 Calendar
Mr. A. Proctor1970 Membership Roll (A06-17)
Proudfoot Kae Proudfoot1963 Choir
Miss Cathy Proudfoot1970 Membership Roll (A09-18)
PugsleyPugsley (5 or more entries).
Purdy Miss Patricia M. Purdy1947 Calendar (Oct)
Pyatt Miss Pyatt1920 Calendar (July)
PymanPyman (5 or more entries).