Egerton Street Baptist Church

Surname Index

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Oakes Miss Oakes1916 Membership Roll (PG03)
Oilman J. Oilman1924 Calendar (May)
Ollson Mrs. Ollson1926 Calendar (Feb)
Oscar John Ollson1929 News
Mrs. Oscar Ollson1944 Mailing List
OlmstedOlmsted (5 or more entries).Olmsted
Olsen Mrs. Barbara Olsen1970 Membership Roll (A09-06)
Olson Mr. and Mrs. O. Olson1923 Calendar (Dec)
Ethel Olson1923 Calendar (Dec)
Mrs. O. Olson1947 News
Olston Mr. Oscar Olston1918 Calendar (Apr)
Oltrum Albert Oltrum1922 Calendar (Jan)Oltrum
Orchard Rev. M. L. Orchard1921 Calendar (Nov)
Prof. M. L. Orchard1929 Calendar (Oct)
M. L. Orchard1930 News
Osbom Margeret Hannah Osbom1924 Calendar (Sept)
Osbome Annie May Osbome1925 Calendar (Dec)
Osgood Miss Osgood1919 Choir member
Miss V. Osgood1919 Choir member
Osgoode Mrs. John Osgoode1916 Membership Roll (PG03)
Miss Vema Osgoode1916 Membership Roll (PG03)
Oultman Albert Oultman1920 Choir member
Oultram Albert Oultram1922 Calendar (Oct)
Outhouse Miss Leona Outhouse1920 Choir member