Egerton Street Baptist Church

Surname Index

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Adams Mrs. R. Adams1916 Membership Roll (PG01)
Mrs. Edith Hill Adams1939 Calendar (Mar)
Mrs. Edith Hill Adams1939 Calendar (Oct)
Mrs. Adams1944 Mailing List
Alabaster Miss Barbara Alabaster1970 Membership Roll (A09-13)
AllenAllen (5 or more entries).
Alston Miss Hazel Alston1916 Membership Roll (PG01)
Miss Lillie Alston1916 Membership Roll (PG01)
Ambrose Mr. Ambrose1905 News
Amiel Mrs. Jas. Amiel1916 Membership Roll (PG01)
Angus Mr. and Mrs. M. Angus1916 Membership Roll (PG01)Angus
Miss Pearl Angus1918 Calendar (June)
Wm. Angus1954 History (P09)
W. Angus1964 History (P12)
Arthur Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arthur1920 Calendar (Jan)
Ashdown Mrs. Ashdown1970 Membership Roll (A07-14)
Mr. T. Ashdown1970 Membership Roll (A07-15)
Ashley H. W. Ashley1921 Bondsmen
Astell J. Astell1924 Calendar (May)
F. Astell1924 Calendar (May)
C. Astell1924 Calendar (May)
Astels Mary Astels1925 Calendar (Dec)
Atkinson Mr. W. Atkinson1964 Officers
Miss Mary Atkinson1970 Membership Roll (A07-07)
Auger Frederick Auger1925 Calendar (July)
Avery Miss Marie Avery1937 News
Mrs. Nellie Avery1937 News
Mrs. Nellie Avery1944 Mailing List
Avey Mrs. Geo. Avey1916 Membership Roll (PG01)
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Avey1916 Membership Roll (PG01)