Egerton Street Baptist Church

Surname Index

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Wade Jerimiah Wade1924 Calendar (Oct)
Wadsworth Miss Teresa Wadsworth1907 News
Mrs. Thomas Wadsworth1908 News
Mr. Geo. Wadsworth1920 Calendar (Nov)
Wakefield Miss Donna Fowler1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Walchmai Miss J. G. Walchmai1904 Adelaide
Miss J. G. Walchmai1904 Egerton
Waldron Mrs. Waldron1905 News
Walker Rev. W. M. Walker1905 NewsWalker
Miss Walker1920 Choir member
Walmsley Miss Noreen Wamsley1970 Membership Roll (A06-35)
Mr. N. Wamsley1970 Membership Roll (A06-34)
Miss Dorothy Wamsley1970 Membership Roll (A06-36)
Mrs. Wamsley Sr.1970 Membership Roll (A07-13)
Walsh Agnes Walsh1935 News (Feb)
Walton Mr. H. T. Walton1970 Membership Roll (A08-15)
Mrs. H. T. Walton1970 Membership Roll (A08-16)
Ward Winnifred Ward1924 Calendar (Apr)
Wardell Mrs. Wardell1908 News
Buffy Wardell1908 News
Mrs. Wardell1916 Membership Roll (PG05)
Wardsworth Mrs. Thos. Wardsworth1916 Membership Roll (PG05)
Warwick Ray Victor Warwick1924 Calendar (Sept)
Bud Warwick1942 News
Waterman Miss Caroly Waterman1945 Choir
Miss Carol Waterman1970 Membership Roll (A07-33)
WatsonWatson (5 or more entries).
Wearing Dr. Thomas Wearing1921 Calendar (Apr)
Webb Miss Irene Webb1918 Calendar (June)
C. Webb1924 Calendar (May)
Mary Florence Louise Webb1925 Calendar (June)
Webster Mr. Harry Webster1946 Calendar (Jan)
Miss Elaine Webster1970 Membership Roll (A05-23)
Mr. Harry Webster1970 Membership Roll (A04-03)
Miss Edith Webster1970 Membership Roll (A03-31)
Weekes Miss Elaine Webster1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Weitzel Mr. and Mrs. A. Weitzel1949 Calendar (Feb)
A. Weitzel1950 News
Welch Mrs. Edith Welch1922 Calendar (Jan)
Mabel Winnifred Welch1923 Calendar (Aug)
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Welch1944 Mailing List
Mr. Percy Welch1970 Membership Roll (A03-34)
Welsh Katie Welsh1877 Letter
Maggie Welsh1877 Letter
Lilly Welsh1877 Letter
Wenman Robert George William Wenman1925 Calendar (Dec)
WestWest (5 or more entries).
Weymouth Miss Sandra Devine1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Wharf Mr. Thomas Wharf1970 Membership Roll (A10-30)
Mrs. Thomas Wharf1970 Membership Roll (A10-31)
Whiney Mrs. Dorothy Whiney1944 Mailing List
WhiteWhite (5 or more entries).White
Whitney Mrs. Dorothy Whitney1970 Membership Roll (A03-21)
Wigmore Miss Geraldine Wigmore1970 Membership Roll (A08-14)
WilcoxWilcox (5 or more entries).
Wilkey Georgina Wilkey1946 Calendar (Jan)
Miss June Wilkey1970 Membership Roll (A05-24)
Wilkie Mr. Wilkie1937 News
WilliamsWilliams (5 or more entries).
WilliamsonWilliamson (5 or more entries).
WilsonWilson (5 or more entries).
Wilton Miss Sharon Wilton1970 Membership Roll (A09-32)
Windover Mrs. G. Barron1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Winterbottom Alfred Winterbottom1920 Choir member
Jean Elizabeth Mae Winterbottom1924 Calendar (Sept)
Babe June B. Winterbottom1925 Calendar (Nov)
Winterton Miss Beth Winterton1967 Choir
Wolfe Jas. De Wolfe1954 History (P11)
WonchWonch (5 or more entries).Wonch
Wortley Miss Margaret R. Wortley1970 Membership Roll (A10-20)
Wren Capt. Frank Wren1953 Calendar
Wyatt Mr. J. Wyatt1921 Calendar (Nov)