Egerton Street Baptist Church

Surname Index

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Tadgell Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Tadgell1933 News
Taff Dorothy Taff1925 Calendar (May)
Tait N. Tait1924 Calendar (May)
TannerTanner (5 or more entries).
Tapp F. Tapp1950 News
F. Tapp1950 News
Mrs. F. Tapp1970 Membership Roll (A06-08)
Mr. Fred Tapp1970 Membership Roll (A06-14)
TaylorTaylor (5 or more entries).
Tedball Mrs. Alfred Tedball1970 Membership Roll (A08-02)
Mr. Alfred Tedball1970 Membership Roll (A08-01)
Terry Mrs. A. Terry1916 Membership Roll (PG05)
Thatcher Mr. Carl Thatcher1970 Membership Roll (A06-33)
ThayerThayer (5 or more entries).
Thibadeau Miss D. Thibadeau1919 Choir member
Miss D. Thibadeau1919 Choir Address
Thompson Master Donald Thompson1946 Calendar (Jan)
Miss Noreen Wamsley1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Miss Audrey West1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
Mrs. Audrey Thompson1970 Membership Roll (A09-31)
TiffinTiffin (5 or more entries).
Tiller Miss Dale Evans1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
TimmsTimms (5 or more entries).
Tipping Mr. Richard Tipping1970 Membership Roll (A09-25)
Toge Mr. Toge1939 Calendar (Oct)
Tomlin Mr. and Mrs. W. Tomlin1944 Mailing List
Mrs. W. E. Tomlin1970 Membership Roll (A02-08)
Tomolson Master Kenneth Tomolson1933 News
Tooke Mrs. H. Tooke1944 Mailing List
Topham Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Topham1922 Calendar (Jan)
Tophan Mrs. Tophan1918 Calendar (Oct)
Torrance Miss Lydia Torrance1919 Calendar (Mar)
TranterTranter (5 or more entries).Tranter
Trowhill Mr. William H. Trowhill1947 Calendar (Oct)
Tucker Miss Madeline Quinn1970 Membership Roll (Marr)
TupholmeTupholme (5 or more entries).