Egerton Street Baptist Church











January 1923 Calendar

Members received by letter during December-
Mr. and Mrs. Leach and Mrs. Gunter.

Samuel Knights passed away December 5th.

Augustus John Campbell of Harrison House, London married Rachel Pearl Roberts of 1154 Brydges Street.

February 1923 Calendar

Hohn G. Benstead of 10 Sycamore Street passed away January 21st.

At 809 Dundas Street, London on Wednesday 31st of January, Frederick James Marshall married Lillian Lewis.

Deacons'- Messrs. C. North, Chairman, H. Pierce, Geo. Graham, Wm. Watson, A. E. Tupholme, C. W. Barker, W. C. Tiffin, C. Malone, J. S. Murray.
Church Clerk-C. W. Barker
Treasurer-Mr. G. Graham
Organist-C. Read

April 1923 Calendar

George Young married Vera Draper on March 21st.
William J. Brown of 1091 Francis St. passed away March 27th.

May 1923 Calendar

New Members by Baptism-
Mr. Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. Husson
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Blinkhorn
Mr. Ball
Pearl Devine
Siderick Read
Lloyd North
Stewart Hawe
Clifford Hawe
Geo. Jervis
Geo. Tupholme
Chas. Leach
Cecil Parker
Willie Burgess
By Letter-
Miss Grist
Mrs. Crabbe

Egbert McMain married Lily Florence Parry on April 4th.

Charlie Mills, age 16 died April 20th.
Mrs. Pett of Hamilton Road died April 27th.

Canadian Girls in Training meet every Friday evening.

July 1923 Calendar

New Members-
Mr. and Mrs. Coomber and Mrs. Hartop

Sunday School picnic was held at Port Stanley on July 7th. Train leaves at 10.25 L. & P. S.

August 1923 Calendar

Mabel Winnifred Welch, 635 Hamilton Road, age 5 passed away July 21st.

Wednesday July 11th at 681 Hamilton Road, Lorne Carr and Sarah Norris were wed.

James Parish and Tom Saville were baptized.

September 1923 Calendar

Alice Porter, 5 years old, died August 4th.
Miss Jane Taylor died August 5th.

The Church's Anniversary will be held September 23rd with Rev. Imrie of Kitchener will preach and a "get acquainted" social will be held at night.

November 1923 Calendar

Minister- Rev. A. J. Burgess, 58 Homan St.
Clerk- Chas. Barker, 153 St. Julien St.
Supt. of Sunday Schools- R. W. Mills, 53 Hyla St.
Rev. H. E. Stillwell, Foreign Mission Secretary will preach tonight Nov. 4, 1923.

Baptisms- October 27- Victor Tiffin, Doris Gould, Agnes Ross, Dorothy Jervis, Thelma Jervis.

December 1923 Calendar

Senior B. Y. P. U. executive for 1924-
President- Maude Parker
Vice-president- Bert Bennett
Secretary- Holly Parsons
Treasurer- Frank Hunter
Pianist- Agnes Ross
Representatives to City Union- Mr. and Mrs. O. Olson
Missionary Leader- Bert Silver
Missionary Treasurer- Violet Wilson
Group Leaders- Oledo Jervis and Oscar Cooke
- Queenie Saiche and Fred Johnson
- Ethel Olson and Chas. Malone

Mrs. Elizabeth Stringle passed away November 11.
Mary Anne Hawe passed away December 29, 1923.