Egerton Street Baptist Church











Reconstruction Committee

February 21, 1920

The committee was selected by the deacons for the reconstruction of the church and met at the pastor's request, in the parsonage. Rev. Bingham made the suggestion that besides the committee of 25, we select a subcommittee with a chairman or manager. Mr. Saunders was to be chairman and Mr. R. Mills would be the vice-chair, and the clerk would act as secretary. The committee was selected by the deacons and is as follows: Mr. R. Saunders, Mr. Strangleman, Mr. George White, Mr. J. Stevenson, Mr. E. Pratton, Mr. Blinkhorn, Mr. C. North, Mr. J. Gilmour, Mr. Geo. Pierce, Mr. R. Campbell, Mr. Geo. Jervis, Mr. Wm. Watson, Mr. Geo. Graham, Mr. R. Mills, Mr. G. McDonald, Mr. H. Pierce, Mr. C. Read, Mr. Geo. Tupholme, Mr. J. Tupholme, Mr. C. Moody, Mr. C. Malone, Mr. A. Mackie, Mr. L. Leadbury, Mr. E. Quinn and Mr. C. W. Barker.

The subcommittee elected was: Mr. Watson, Chairman, Mr. J. Stevenson, Mr. R. Mills, Mr. Geo. Pierce, Mr. Fred McDonald and Mr. E. Blinkhorn, as secretary.

On a motion they agreed that the general construction and appearance of the church be as near as possible as before or as it would appear from the outside. The subcommittee would interview Mr. Hyatt with reference either to tender or do the work on a percentage basis and report at the next meeting.

The basement would be remodelled to accommodate the increasing number of children coming to Sunday School. Rev. Roy of the Talbot Street Baptist Church will get the other churches to help with cost as much as possible and pledge cards will be available. The cornerstone would cost $100. The floor in the two primary rooms in the Sunday school would be raised so the young children could see the platform. Gas lighting was put in the Sunday school. They did away with the* ventilator in the in the centre of the roof and put a window in each gable. The pulpit was to be left as it was before.

Messrs. A. K. and R. R. Ferguson donated three chairs for the church, one large arm chair and 2 smaller side chairs in oak, upholstered in brown leather. On September 30 they restarted the furnaces so the paint would be dry for Sunday. October 3rd, the members would reassemble in the rebuilt basement for morning and evening services.

Reopening of the auditorium was to be December 5th if possible. Green carpet was purchased for the platform from Kingsmills. The auditorium floor would be scraped at a cost of $100. The aisles would be covered in cork from Kingsmills.

The Talbot Street Church offered to sell us their old organ at a cost of $1000, if we would pay the cost of moving it.

A stairway was to be built from the back hall up to the organ. The railing around the gallery to be restored to what it was originally.