Egerton Street Baptist Church

Surname Index

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Gould Mr. W. H. Gould1904 Adelaide
Winnie Gould1904 Adelaide
Mrs. Doris Gould1904 Adelaide
Miss Winnie Gould1904 Egerton
Mr. W. H. Gould1904 Egerton
Mrs. W. H. Gould1904 Egerton
Gould1904 News
Mr. Gould1904 News
Deacon Gould1904 News
Miss W. Gould1904 News
Gould1906 News
Deacon Gould1906 News
Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Gould1916 Membership Roll (PG02)
Mr. Walter Gould1916 Membership Roll (PG02)
Doris Gould1923 Calendar (Nov)
W. Gould1924 Calendar (May)
H. Gould1924 Calendar (May)
C. Gould1924 Calendar (May)
Walter W. Gould1925 Calendar (Mar)
Miss Doris Gould1929 News
Geo. Gould1954 History (P09)
Miss W. Gould1954 History (P20)
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Gould1954 History (P20)
George Gould1964 History (P12)
Mr. & Mrs. W. H. Gould1964 History (P15)
Miss W. Gould1964 History (P15)
Winnie Gould1964 History (P17)
Mr. H. Gould1919 Choir Address