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1) Records
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1916 Membership Roll - Mr. & Mrs. M. Angus, 92 Dillabough St.
1918.June Calendar - new member - Miss Pearl Angus, 92 Dillabough St.
1954&64 History - 1893 - name changed from South Street Mission to Egerton Street Mission - committee includes Wm. Angus.
2) Joni
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Pearl Young (nee Angus) was my grandmother.
Pearl's parents were Maxwell Angus and Josephine James, they lived at 92 Dillabough St. in London (a few blocks SW of the church). Maxwell had a younger brother William Angus who lived on Elias St.
Pearl's gt-grandparents, Robert Angus and Ellen Reid were founding members (1840) of Kingston Baptist Church.
Pearl's grandfather, also named Maxwell was a founding member (1845) of Talbot Street Baptist Church in London and (1863) First Baptist Church in St. Marys.

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