Egerton Street Baptist Church

Surname Index

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Malone Mr. Chas. Malone1916 Membership Roll (PG03)
Mr. Roy Malone1916 Membership Roll (PG03)
Mr. Ed Malone1916 Membership Roll (PG03)
Mr. Ed Malone1920 Calendar (May)
Mr. C. Malone1920 Reconstruction
Charlie Malone1922 Calendar (Jan)
Hazel Malone1922 Calendar (Jan)
Chas. Malone1923 Calendar (Dec)
C. Malone1923 Calendar (Feb)
E. Malone1924 Calendar (May)
C. Malone1924 Calendar (May)
R. Malone1924 Calendar (May)
Chas. Malone1932 News (Oct)
Mrs. Chas. Malone1935 News (Feb)
Master Jack Malone1935 News
Mr. C. Malone1936 News (Jan)
C. J. Malone1940 News
Jack Malone1942 News
Jack Malone1943War
Mrs. M. E. Malone1944 Mailing List
Miss Doreen Malone1944 Mailing List
Mrs. Wm. Malone1944 Mailing List
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Malone1944 Mailing List
C. Malone1947 News
Mrs. C. Malone1947 News
C. Malone1949 Calendar (Jan)
C. Malone1950 News
Mr. William Malone1970 Membership Roll (A04-29)
Miss Doreen Malone1970 Membership Roll (A04-32)