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1) Pastors
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1954History: Rev. G.E. Trautor (Nov.1904-1906)
1964History: Rev. G.E. Tranter (1904-Jun.1906) a student in Theology at McMaster
2) Frank Bax
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From London City Directory (alphabetic listing):
1906pg399 - Trantor, Rev. Leonard E pastor Egerton St. Baptist Church b. Robt Hawe
1906pg ? - Hawe, Robert h s s Hamilton Rd 1 w Price
1906pg ? - Hawe, Mary J, lvs R. Hawe
3) John Tranter
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Pleased to find your web site. My name is John Egerton Tranter grandson of Leonard Evenden Tranter, pastor of the Egerton Street Baptist Church. I live in Melbourne Australia. I notice that your spelling is Trantor should be Tranter.

I never met my Grandfather as he died in 1929 well before my time. I am also of the belief that L E Tranter was ordained at the Egerton Street Baptist Church. Apparently he made a number of visits to London once with my father Harold Leonard Egerton Tranter. I am keen to learn as much as I can about his visits and wether there were relatives in London.

After leaving Canada and returning to Australia L E Tranter settled in Melbourne and founded a Baptist School for boys called Carey after William Carey. His inspiration for this was Woodstock College.

Carey is now one of the leading schools in Australia. If you have any info on L E Tranter I would love to hear of it.


John Tranter
4) Frank Bax
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I have corrected spelling in Surname index and Forum heading. All other spellings are as transcribed from original documents.

We're checking to see if there is any more info about your grandfather.

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