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1) Family Bible
IP: 67.69.--.--

Family Bible contains two pages of handwriting. Each page is written in different handwriting and the second page is all the same style implying it was all written at the same time. The pages were completely blank (no forms, etc) before being written.
==== Page One =============================
Mr. and Mrs. William Moss
with the best wishes of Wm and Mrs Clark

11th February 1867
==== Page Two =============================
William Moss born 12 Jul 1843
Sarah Hewitt born 17 Jul 1839
Married February 11, 1867
John Albert Moss born 27 Jan 1868
Ellinor Moss born 8 Oct 1869
Louise Moss born 3 Dec 1871
Fred Moss born 22 Nov 1873
Florence Moss born 17 Nov 1875
William Ernest Moss born 22 Jun 1878
William Ernest Moss born 15 Nov 1880

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