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1) Choir1920
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Miss Grace Flood - choir member 1919&1920 - Address: 301 Egerton St.
2) Frank Bax
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From 1922 London City Directory:
- pg 76 (street/address listing)
  - 301 Egergton - Flood, Jas
- pg 305/6 (alpha name listing) - Flood, 301 Egerton
  - Blanche
  - Jas - wks GTR
  - Grace
  - Usher - elect People's Electric
3) Anne Flood
IP: 209.239.--.--

According to my father-in-law's family tree, the following is listed:
- James and Victoria Flood (nee Parkin) married circa 1895. They had 4 children:
- Elizabeth
- Grace
- William James Usher (born 1900) - known as Usher
- Blanche
Their grandfather, William Flood emigrated to London East in the year 1870 and is shown in the Canada Census of 1871. He worked at the CNR car shops on Egerton Street that was one of the largest employers in London East. He died in 1914 and is interned at Woodland cemetary in London.

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